Natural Skincare Routine

Natural skin care

“Invest in your skin. it is going to represent you for a very long time” -Linden Tyler

When I was two months pregnant with David I read this life changing book called No More Dirty Looks, I completely literally threw out all our house care products, skincare products shampoo’s, make up beauty everything and switched like 98% over to all natural

It was really hard at first but now I really love it and I became an addict to all these different brands that I discovered-  I have had a lot of trial and error so you’re getting just the best of the best as of right now

I love  Egyptian magic it’s my favorite go to product! I use it as a moisturizer, conditioner for the ends of my hair, I use it as a cuticle, nail cream and for my elbows and knees I love it it’s awesome and I’ve been using it for about 10 years and it’s all natural and super cheap!!

The main skin care line I use  is by May Lindstorm, it’s amazing handcrafted and so luxurious I feel like super pampered its really expensive but so worth it! I started using her line about a year ago & through my whole pregnancy with baby Zoe! I Highly recommend it! I like to buy the whole line at once- under the gift set section & it lasts about a year, the masks maybe a bit longer.  love it and I am hoping to stay with her forever!  she’s like amazing amazing amazing skincare line, you can get it at her site or Barnyes.

Tatta Harper makes an amazing facemask that’s really nice called the resurfacing mask and I use that every other week and then also this really amazing hydrating floral essence that I use daily. I also have the Be amazing  chapstick  it’s one of my favorites i have them everywhere!

Then there is Organic Bee venom cream which is like natures Botox by Lacreme Beaute! As a skin care product junkie I can promise this is out of this world fantastic. Its amazing, I like the overnight mask & he Superior Glow Hydrating Face Treatment – it’s incredible and have had great results!

I think that’s all for skincare for now always discovering & trying new things…

If you are using something you love tell me!

The Unthinkable Thoughts

IMG_8411I know it was an unspoken thing something that no one mentioned and we felt guilty even about thinking ourselves but the question remained would our little girl make it? If she didn’t what would we do? how would we continue to live on? I couldn’t imagine life without her, but I couldn’t imagine life with her after the surgery.

I could not see past her surgery — not that I thought she wouldn’t make it, I want sure I just didn’t see any future beyond that.

People would tell me not to be scared, that everything would be OK, but there is no way to not be scared .

no one knew, even the doctors didn’t know there is no for sure in this world. i had to hand my baby to the doctors to cut open and undergo open-heart surgery that was a chance, a chance I had to take because without it she couldn’t live.

MY SUPERgirl Zoe Eva Rose


Our super girl is going home today #zoeevarose you are a miracle!! we are so happy,The nurses said they never seen a kid out of open heart surgery and home so quickly ? you are so strong, so brave and such a #heartwarriorour little #superhero we are so proud of you!! I can’t believe we are only 4 days post op #openheartsurgery !!! Insanity!! #iloveyou #wearegoinghome#thankyouchildernshospital #zipperclub#tetralogyoffallot


Slice of heaven✨



My boy deserves so much credit for being such a trooper throughout this ordeal he is amazing #bigbrother#superstar #davidbruce #iloveyou#mamasboy ? #toddler #heaven


I can’t believe this was only five days ago, the world has changed such a short amount of time. For the past year I couldn’t understand why this had to happen I still don’t know the answers, but I do know that through pain we now have a newfound respect for life and are not taking it for granted. I am so honored to be this little angel’s mom. And I am in awe of how quickly she is recovering, from having been told she probably wouldn’t make it through the pregnancy to where I stand right now I feel blessed.#youareablessing#zoeevarose #zoeevarose #tof#tetralogyoffallot #chdawareness#tetralogyoffallotbaby #blessed to all the #heartmom & #moms watching their baby in pain may you be blessed with calmness & the ability to comfort ✨ #staystrong#childrenshospital #losangeles



She was pretty much up all night playing with these two- ziggy the bunny & Chloe the doll -so they moved us down to cicu #chla which is great progress in her 


Thank you gifts for our amazing nurses!!



I have to take a moment & thank my love Josh, We would never have gotten through this past year with out you being the Rock that you are, you are the best husband I could have ever dreamed of, you are the most amazing father to our two beautiful kids we are so blessed to have you! Your strength your courage your passion & your patience always leaves me in awe, how I got so lucky to get you I will never know. Thank you baby I love you. I can’t believe her surgery was two weeks ago! #besthusbandever #ilovehim #family#tof #tetralogyoffallot #heartwarrior#heartmom #zipperclub #fixedheart#blessed #father #daddysgirl #imsolucky#zoeevarose you are a blessing on our life ??

I want to be like you Zoe Eva Rose


I have never in my life been so in such awe #zoeevarose you are the strongest person I know you have such a happy personality despite all that’s going you teach me every day to be #happy you make this experience #magical and show me how #blessed we truly are! ✨ thank you for being my daughter I love you infinitely ? for through hardship comes #happiness & #growth ? #zipperclub#scarsarebeautiful #tof #tetralogyoffallot#tetralogyoffallotbaby #chla #love#myheart

3 hours out of surgery


Update > Zoe is doing so well today she is only 28hrs post-op and she is already off the breathing machine & just got to have her chest drain taken off on top of all that she had been a champion eater she has been gulping down breast milk >> this is all a huge #miracle & #blessing – I am shocked at how well recovery is going! A huge thank you to all our friends & family who have showered us with love ? #feelingblessed #zoeevarose#prayforzoeevarose #zipperclub#goodvibes #chla #recovering#openheartsurgery #love #mybabygirl

IMG_7582 IMG_7505



The surgery went better than expected, it took only about an hour and a half, they do not have to replace her valve she got to keep her valve which is really rare for TOF surgery, #zoeevarosehas now joined the #zipperclub her scar looks better then expected! she is now in ICU recovering very well thank you so much for all your prayers and good thoughts I will continue updates as we get them! Feeling #blessed still continue to #prayforzoeevarose



Daddy & Zoe pre surgery… giving Zoe good vibes & energy  IMG_7494


For all those who asked #TOF aka #tetralogyoffallot means 4 things are wrong with #zoeevarose #heart they hopefully will all be fixed today during her #openheartsurgery @childrensla with Dr. Starns > the surgery will most prob take 4-5 hours, where they will sew her hole, remove extra tissue open & replace her valve and align her arteries. Thank you so much for all your support and love please continue with the #goodvibes & prayers ??? #prayforzoeevarose


She is all smiles it breaks my heart she is so trusting, but she needs this to live at least she is so young she won’t remember…. I Love you forever and always zoe….



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Her surgery is at CHLA with Dr Starns